Team Managers

If you have volunteered (or have been asked to volunteer) to be a team manager for a travel team (select/premier), then this is where you will find all of the necessary information you'll need to run a successful team. Our managers are asked to: collect signed medical releases for each player, provide game day rosters, maintain up to date contact information and disseminate information to all of their team members. Team managers perform an essential job as liaison between their team and the club. Our volunteers do a great job and we appreciate your time, patience and effort. On behalf of our players, parents, coaches and the entire staff and board, "Thank You".

Managers Role

As the manager for your team, you will be the coach's main intermediary between the team and the Club. You will work closely and frequently with our Administrative staff. As a team manager, you will be expected to:

  • Assemble and maintain all of the contact information for your players and parents

  • Assist the coach in arranging schedules for practices

  • Update your parents on practice and game changes

  • Support the Administrative staff as needed

This position will require approximately 4 hours of your time per week, and we appreciates the commitment and assistance of our team managers.