ISC Gunners Goalkeeping Program

2019-20 Season

About our Goalkeeping Program

ISC Gunners has partnered with West Coast Goalkeeping!

ISC Gunners is proud to have produced top Goalkeepers since the Premier Program began in 2008. As a major focus of the club, we are proud to offer:

  • 2x a week GK training with a professional/trained coach 

  • Published GK Training schedule months in advance

  • Teamsnap communication tool used for scheduling and player communication

  • Several GK camps throughout the year

  • Partnership with West Coast Goalkeeping to provide another option for our GK's needs

We are pleased to announce the addition of Chris Bauer to the ISC Gunners coaching staff as Director of Goalkeeping. Chris brings an incredible amount of experience and education to the Gunners family. 

Chris will join as our Head GK Director for the entire Club starting May 2018, with all GK's across the Club provided the chance to work with Chris directly alongside our other full time Staff. This is a tremendous step forward for our ISC Gunners GK Program - with Chris up there with the very best GK Coaches across the Region. Further information provided on Chris and our GK Program in the coming weeks!

Director of Goalkeeping

Chris Bauer

Chris' Experience

Coaching Experience:

  • Regis University Goalkeeping Coach

  • Director of Goalkeeping at FC Boulder

  • ODP Team Member

  • Director of Goalkeeping - Northshore Soccer

  • Director of Goalkeeping - Newport Youth Soccer

Playing Experience:

  • 1989 Santa Clara National Championship Team
  • 1991 Santa Clara National Runner-Up

  • US National Team Pool Player

Gunners Goalkeeping Philosophy

Toni Schumacher and Oliver Kahn: two great German goalkeepers who epitomize to me, the way a goalkeeper should play the position.

They were feared, they demanded respect and they commanded their box. They were gonna knock your head off if you tried to challenge them in the box. They changed the way opposing teams attacked them because of their demeanour and presence in the net. They epitomized what it was to be an Offensive Goalkeeper.

While I want my goalkeepers to have very sound fundamentals, (doing the basics very well), I want every keeper I train to also have this "don't mess with me" attitude as well. I don't advocate dirty play at all, but I'm all about being physical as a keeper. As much as I'm trying to improve their technical abilities (catching, diving, footwork, etc.), I'm also trying to get inside their head to develop an attitude and a mind set. I want my keepers to own their box and act like it!


The last area of the game I try to focus on with the all my keepers is the tactical side of goalkeeping. This is a side of the game often over looked. A keeper, through years of experience, needs to be able to read the game, become a vocal leader on the field and understand their positioning on the field as the game is being played in real time (which is constantly changing).

Whether you're a goalkeeper that is just starting out or very experienced and looking to play in college, I can help and tailor my training appropriately no matter the age. I will improve your level of play, that much I can promise!


I look forward to working with you all!

-Chris Bauer