CPP Check List

CPP Check List - College Selection


Below is an overview of the steps to take to get you going towards college selection:

  1. First Step: College Questionnaire

    1. Do you have an idea of the area of study you might want to pursue in college?

    2. Which best describes the area of the country you'd like to go to?

    3. Which best describes the size of school that interests you?

    4. What type of college setting would you prefer?

    5. Which type of weather would like to deal with the least?

    6. Are you open to playing at any college level?

    7. In terms of soccer what is the most important aspect to you?

    8. In terms of the whole college experience what is the most important thing to you?

    9. Always start with a large range of schools (20-30)

      1. How to manage your 20-30 colleges? 3-5 safety schools, 10-15 Most likely schools, 5-10 dream schools.

      2. If your list is too small, chances of finding the right school will be small

    10. Important to research academics, location, and social settings

    11. Create a Target List

    12. Update your list of 20-30 schools - Go back and review the questions that you have answered on the College Questionnaire and any schools that do not fit any of your answers should be removed from your list.

    13. Minimum GPA, SAT and ACT Requirements

    14. Enrollment Size

    15. Campus Housing

    16. Social Environment

    17. Location

    18. Cost

    19. Gather information on your list of 20-30 schools - The information you will gather will include but is not limited to:

Student Athlete time-line

  • Freshman

    • Grades, Grades, Grades!! Get the best possible grades. Time-management.

    • Meet with your counselor and take classes that match your high school's list of NCAA Approved Core Courses. www.eligilbilitycenter.org

    • Top 20-30 list of possible colleges. You may start emailing coaches with your graduation year, position, GPA and game schedule for tournaments.

    • Some coaches cannot call or contact you at the time.

  • Sophomore

    • Take the PSAT.

    • Update your list of 20-30 possible colleges and discard any that you no longer have interest in. Email coaches your game schedule and updated information.

    • Some coaches still cannot call or contact you at this time.

    • Unofficial campus visits.

    • Register with the College Eligibility Center

  • Junior


    • Register for the NCAA Eligibility Center.

    • Register to take the SAT/ACT and be sure to send scores to NCAA.

    • After September 1st, NCAA recruiting rules lighten up a bit. Coaches can send personalized letters, emails and information about their school.

    • Continue emailing updated info to coaches. You may call coaches but they still cannot call you back.

    • Meet with your school counselor and double check to make sure you have the NCAA approved core courses.

    • Unofficial campus visits.

  • Senior

    • GRADES!!!

    • Take the SAT/ACT as many times as you feel necessary. They will use your best cumulative scores from each section. Be sure to send your scores to NCAA as well as schools you are interested in.

    • Review and request final Amateurism Certification. Send your OFFICIAL final transcript to NCAA .

    • You may talk to all coaches at this point. You should have a top 5 list at this point.

    • Up to 5 official campus visits - official copy of your SAT/ACT scores and a copy of your high school transcript are required for each visit.

    • Fill out admission applications and scholarship/financial aid paperwork starting October of senior year.

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