Lake Sammamish State Park -  Parking

Games will be played at three locations: Lake Sammamish State Park (Fields 3-9), Costco Fields (1-2). For fields 3-9, there is limited parking at the fields. Once the lot is full, people will be asked to park in the overflow lots in the main State Park entrance. Below is a map of fields 3-9 and the route to the main state park entrance. To park in the overflow lots, you will be required to have a discovery pass, or purchase a day pass at the park.

There will be a loading/unloading area in the main lot where you can drop off your players and equipment before parking in the overflow lot. We will have several parking attendants on hand to help you through the lot. There will be a lot of traffic, so please be patient with the parking attendants and the other participants.


Below is a detailed map of the LSSP Parking area (Fields 3-9)





Once in overflow parking, there are two ways to get to the fields:

  1. By the main road that you entered (NW Sammamish PKWY)

  2. Trails that connect the state park with the soccer fields. These trails will bring you to the back side of the fields (see map below)