Pre-Tryout Camp 2021

April 12th - 15th

Birth Year: Boys & Girls 2014-2007

Dates: April 12-15, 2020

Time: 9am-12pm

LOCATION: Issaquah Highlands Central Park Turf Fields

Cost: $250

*All registrants will receive a $25 coupon code that waives tryout fees after camp concludes

About the Camp

The ISC Gunners Pre-Tryout Camp will prepare your player for the upcoming tryouts and give them insight as to what to expect in a tryout situation. Our Pre-Tryout Camp is offered to both field players and goalkeepers.


Our Premier coaching staff will work with field players on basic skills including passing, receiving, dribbling and shooting. They will also cover more advanced topics such as possession, movement and communication that will give players a better understanding of roles and expectations within the game.


Goalkeepers will work with our Director of Goalkeeping during our Pre-Tryout Camp. Goalkeepers will be trained on basic handling, footwork, and distribution. They will also work on more advanced areas such as 1v1's, shot-stopping, and dealing with crosses. Goalkeepers will also be included in small-sided games to improve decision making in game-like scenarios.