The Gunners took Gig Harbor in force last weekend with 35 teams attending the 2019 Tyee Cup!  Over 400 players and their families attended the tournament and the Gunners supporters created a great atmosphere at each game with many teams staying late/arriving early to watch their club mates compete. Huge THANK YOU to all who attended and made the weekend such a massive club success! 


In the end, the Gunners walked away with 11 Championships and six finalists! Check out the team stories below or see some photos from across the weekend in the photo gallery!

Gunners 11B Blue 
Gold Division Champions

The Boys 2011B Blue team had a difficult road to the final after falling 2-4 against a solid Tracyton team. The boys bounced back in their final two group stage games scoring an astound 16 goals while conceding none.

The results gave the boys an opportunity to take on Tracyton in a rematch for the Championship trophy. 

In the final the boys kept their hot streak going, firing four goals into the back of the net and once again earning the shutout. With the 4-0 victory the boys claimed the Boys 2011 Gold Division Championship!

Gunners 11A Blue 
B10 Silver Division Champions

The Boys 2011A Blue went a perfect 4-0 to take the Boys 2010 Silver Division Championship. 

The Championship match put the Gunners up against Harbor Premier Green, the only team to give them difficulty during group stage where the Gunners walked away with a narrow 3-2 victory.


Harbor gave the boys a good run but in the end the Gunners were able to put 5 in the back of the net, earning them the Silver Division Championship playing a year up at the 2010 age group!

Gunners 10A Blue 
Gold Division Champions

The Boys 2010A Blue went undefeated in their quest for the Gold Division Championship. 

Scoring 24 goals across four games while conceding only three, the boys were in the drivers seat for much of the tournament.

The Championship match pitted them against Sparta, whom they had defeated 5-1 in group stage. Though Sparta proved the be a handful, the boys were able to edge them 4-1 to take the title of Tyee Cup 2019 Champions.

Gunners B08A 
Gold Division Champions

The Boys 2008A team went 2-1 in group stage, doing just enough to get to the Championship game for a rematch against a Sparta team who narrowly defeated them 2-1 the day prior.

Heading into the Championship game the boys knew they'd have their hands full but they also recognized this was their opportunity for the taking. The game was back and forth but in the end the Gunners walked away with a 1-0 win thanks to a penalty kick goal scored by Ankhit Kolagotla.

Gunners B07A 
Gold Division Champions

The Boys 2007A team went 3-0 in group stage, scoring 17 goals while conceding just 2. Their toughest match was against Sparta whom they were able to defeat 3-1.

The Championship game was a rematch against the Spartans but the Gunners once again proved too much, defeating them 6-2 to bring home the Gold Division Championship.

Gunners B05A ENPL 
2004 Gold Division Finalists

The Gunners Boys 2005A ENPL team faced some tough competition playing a year up at the 2004 Gold Division level. In the group stage the boys won two and tied one, setting the stage for a Finals rematch against Harbor Premier B04 Green. 

The Championship match was back and forth but in the end Harbor was able to edge the Gunners 2-1.

Gunners B04A ENPL 
2003 Gold Division Finalists

The Boys 2004A ENPL played up a year in the Boys 2003 Gold Division. Through group stage the Gunners went 2-1, losing to Harbor Premier White 1-0 in their first game then winning their next two matches 4-1 and 2-1 respectively.

In the finals the boys faced Harbor Premier Green, whom they had defeated 2-1 in group stage. Unfortunately Harbor got the better of the boys the second time around and defeated the Gunners in a well fought contest. 

Gunners B02A ENPL 
2002/01 Gold Division Finalists

The Boys 2002A ENPL had their work cut out for them playing against teams a year older. Despite the age difference, the boys had a good showing. Going 2-1 in group stage and doing enough to put themselves into the finals against a tough PacNW 01A team. 

The Championship match was back and forth and the boys showed well but ultimately were defeated by their older opponents. 

Gunners G10B
Gold Division Finalists

The Girls 2010B Team came away as Finalists in the Gold Division after a tough group stage campaign. The girls went 1-1-1 doing just enough to make it to the Championship match against a strong Harbor Premier Green team. 

The girls played with a ton of heart and grit through out the weekend and ultimately fell to Harbor in the championship match. It was a great weekend of competition and the girls grew together both on the field and off!

Gunners G09A
Gold Division Champions

The Girls 2009A team went 2-1-0 in group stage, scoring 16 goals and conceding just 2, to put themselves into the Championship match.

The Final pitted them against PacNW Maroon whom they had tied 1-1 in the third group stage game. The girls knew it would be a battle until the final whistle and brought everything they had. Ultimately their efforts were enough as they defeated PacNW 2-1 to earn the Gold Division Title!

Gunners G09B Blue
Silver Division Champions

The Girls 2009B Blue team went 4-0 in their quest for the Silver Division Trophy. Each game was a well contested battle. The Gunners won 1-0, 1-0 and 3-0 respectively to get themselves a rematch against PacNW Blue for the championship.

Despite narrowly edging Pac Blue in the second group stage game, the girls were able to put five goals in the back of the net to take the championship game 5-1!

Gunners G08A
Gold Division Champions

The Girls 2008A team took the Tyee Cup by storm, scoring 20 goals and conceding none over their four games. After a frustrating second game that ended in a 0-0 draw the girls faced PacNW Pre-ECNL and pulled no punches, defeating them 9-0 to put send them to the championship match.

The girls continued their goal scoring tirade in the Final, finishing seven of their chances to win the 7-0 and take home the Gold Division title. 

Gunners G07A
Gold Division Champions

The Girls 2007A team scored 21 goals and conceded just two in group stage to put them into the Finals.

The Championship saw them matched up once again with Harbor Premier, who they had defeated 4-2 earlier in the tournament. 

The Gunners knew their opponents well and kept the ball moving, scoring 4 to take the championship 4-1.

Gunners G07B
Silver Division Finalists

The Girls 2007B faced some tough competition through out group stage, they drew their first two games 0-0 against Timbers Baron Grey and 1-1- against PacNW Blue before winning their final group stage match 4-0 over Storm King. The girls did just enough to earn their spot in the Finals and faced PacNW Blue in a rematch with the championship on the line.

The Final game was back and forth with the girls giving everything they had. Unfortunately it wasn't enough as the girls fell to Pac 3-1.

Gunners G06B
Gold Division Champions

The Girls 2006B team scored seven goals in group stage while conceding none to put themselves into the Final against a tough Storm King team.

The championship match was a true battle with both teams giving everything they had but Gunners proved too much for their opponents and earned the title of Gold Division Champions!

Gunners G05A
Gold Division Champions

The Girls 2005A team went 2-1 in group stage, winning their first two games before losing 3-0 to their younger Gunners G06A team. 

The Championship match was an all Gunners affair as both the Gunners G05A and G06A advanced on points. 

The G05s were ready for the rematch and battled their younger club mates for the championship title, defeating them 1-0 to take the Gold Division trophy.

Gunners G06A
2005 Gold Division Finalists

The Girls 2006A team played up a year in the 2005 Gold Division. Despite the age difference the girls showed up ready to take their older opponents by storm. They finished group stage at the top of their bracket after going 3-0 (including a 3-0 win over Gunners G05A) while scoring 10 goals and conceding just 2.

The Championship game was a rematch against the 05s and their older club mates refused to be defeated a second time. The game was back and forth but ultimately the 05s broke through, winning the game 1-0.

Gunners in Action
Tyee Cup 2019

10 Gunners teams attended Surf Cup August 2-4 to test their skills against some of the best teams across the country. See the recaps and photos from each team below!  

Gunners G10A

Surf Cup was a fantastic experience for both the G10A team and the G08A team. Both teams faced some fierce competition throughout every game and had a great experience on and off the field. The weekend was full with team bonding moments for players and parents on and off the pitch. I couldn’t be more proud of both teams for doing their best to compete in each and every game. I cannot wait for next year! 

-Macy Jo Harrison, G10A Head Coach

Gunners G09A

This was our first major travel tournament as a group and without doubt the experience the girls had will be something they will remember for a life time. To win three games was huge, to make the final was an even bigger achievement! I couldn't be more proud of the group and the accomplishments made. Big thank you to the girls for the effort and togetherness shown across the weekend and to parents for their constant support across the weekend!"

-Gareth Vaughan, G09A Head Coach

Gunners G08A

Surf Cup was a fantastic experience for both the G10A team and the G08A team. Both teams faced some fierce competition throughout every game and had a great experience on and off the field. The weekend was full with team bonding moments for players and parents on and off the pitch. I couldn’t be more proud of both teams for doing their best to compete in each and every game. I cannot wait for next year! 

-Macy Jo Harrison, G10A Head Coach

Gunners G07A
Gunners G06A
Gunners B10A Blue

The B10A Blue had great experience at Surf Cup. This was their first time competing at Surf Cup. The competition was very good and the boys played really well through out the event, winning two games, losing one and tying the other. We tied our first game which narrowly knocked us out of moving onto the semifinals. The whole experience from start to finish made the boys grow as individuals and as a team and they really bonded as a group! I look forward to Surf Cup again next year. If they can advance, they'll have a good chance to win the whole thing!

-Eddie Henderson, B10A Blue Head Coach

Gunners B09A

A great experience and opportunity for B09A. Our preparation throughout the summer has been very important in the build up to Surf - each tournament offering a different challenge. Being this the first time B09A has competed at Surf Cup, the size of the event and overall quality was very challenging but also helped us see where we want to be at. The team progressively improved and ended the tournament with a much deserved win! The group also enjoyed some team bonding off the field at a team dinner and took a trip to Dave & Busters."

-Chris Hanson, B09A Head Coach

Gunners B08A

          A great experience at Surf Cup 2019 for our Gunners Boys 2008A Premier Team. Our Team welcomed two fantastic guest players in Evan (from Utah) and Pierce (from Hawaii) to provide our group with great depth for the high-level competitive gameplay on offer in the 'Best of the Best' Event across the country. As Team Coach very happy with the overall performance of our players - the way we tried to possess, build-out of the back, play through the thirds and dominate the game in the most proactive manner possible was extremely satisfying to see. In doing this, against the best teams across the West Coast, our players & Team continue to improve and progress individually and collectively. All four group games were extremely challenging, enjoyable and productive for us - winning one, losing two and drawing one - for a fantastic overall competitive experience. Massive thanks as always to our Team Parents for their support, attendance and effort!" 

-Alex Cunliffe, B08A Head Coach

Gunners B07A

B07A had good experience.  We were short players, so the team travelled with 4 Guest players who really helped the team and made us better and very competitive.  The first game of Surf Cup is the most important and we were up 2 goals and ended up losing the game 3-2.  Had we won that first game, we had a good chance to move on as we tied our second game.  Overall, it was good experience for the group and despite not moving on, I felt the team played really well!

-Eddie Henderson, B07A Head Coach

Gunners B06A

B06A had a challenging time in San Diego. We were missing two very strong players who could have helped us but were both out of the country on vacation. Unable to find guest players, the team not only went with a short roster, but with a few injuries as well. The overall experience of the games was very good and it was a good opportunity for our players to see another level. One of the big take aways from the event was that at the older ages, you must go with full rosters and 2 GK’s. Games 3 and 4 we struggled with finding healthy bodies so moving forward, when attending events of this caliber...going with 18 players is a must!"

-Eddie Henderson, B06A Head Coach

Gunners in Action
Photos from Surf Cup

37 Gunners teams attended the Crossfire Challenge, the biggest tournament in the Pacific Northwest and a proving ground for some of the best teams in the state of Washington. Amidst some strong competition the Gunners teams showed well against RCL and PSPL teams alike. 




  • B09A - Gold Division

  • B11A Blue - Super Division

  • B11A White - Gold Division

  • B04B PSPL Blue - Silver Division

  • B03 ENPL - Gold Division

  • B03B PSPL - Silver Division

  • G09A - Super Division

  • G08A - Super Division

  • G07B - Silver Division

  • G01-02A - Silver Division

Check out our Championship Stories below or see photos of all teams from across both the older and younger weekends HERE.

Gunners G10A
Super Divison Champions

The G10A brought home the Super Division Title after taking down some stiff competition in the process, defeating Eastside FC Red in overtime during the Championship match! 

The Gunners Girls 2010A Team had a difficult road to the final, playing some of the top RCL sides in the state. They defeated Eastside FC Red in the first group stage game 2-1, tied Washington Premier Black 2-2 and lost 2-1 to Crossfire Premier A. Despite the loss the girls did just enough to make it out of group stage, setting up a semi final rematch vs. Crossfire less than 24 hours after their 2-1 loss. 

In the Semi-Final, the girls came out with something to prove and shut out Crossfire 2-0 to set up yet another rematch in the final against rival Eastside FC Red.

Heading into the Championship game the girls knew it was going to be a tough one. Both teams gave their all and at the end of regulation the game was deadlocked at 1-1pushing the game into two periods of extra time. The tides finally turned in favor of the Gunners in the final seconds of OT. Forward Lola Paget flicked a ball in behind and ran it down, fending off an Eastside defender and toe poking it past the goal keeper with just 10 seconds left in the match!

See the video for full match footage or skip to 1:21:00 to see the game winning goal!

Gunners B10A White
Silver Division Champions

The B10A White won the Silver Division Championship taking down Seattle United Samba in the Championship match 1-0 

The Boys 2010A White went 2-1 in group stage, enough to put them through to the semi finals against Crossfire D. They cruised through the Semi-final game defeating Crossfire 7-0 putting them through to the final against Seattle United. In a tough match the boys were able to pull out a 1-0 win!

The Boys celebrated their Championship in style, drenching Head Coach Michael Conchie with water bottles after the final whistle! (see video below)

"I am extremely happy and proud of this group of players. Throughout the weekend we played some exceptional soccer and each player should be very proud of what they have achieved. The final was a close game, against a very good team, but we showed great composure and quality to keep playing our game and to get the goal in the end. The fantastic support from the team, parents, ISC coaches/staff, and club as a whole across the entire weekend shows where we are as a club."

-Michael Conchie, B10A White Head Coach

Gunners B02A ENPL
Gold Division Champions

The Boys 2002 ENPL squad earned their first place finish after defeating Federal Way FC 1-0 in the final. 

The B02 ENPL team went a perfect 5-0 in their pursuit of the trophy, defeating the likes of Valor FC (4-0), Spokane Sounders (3-0), Federal Way FC (4-1, 1-0), and Washington Rush (3-2).

The final group stage game against eventual finalist Federal Way FC was exceptionally exciting with the boys going down a goal in the 13th minute of the match. In the second half the boys put four in the back of the net to win 4-1 and take their unbeaten record into the semi-finals against Washington Rush. 

See the video to watch the entire game or skip to to times below to see each of the Gunners goals!

Goals Scored by:

#23 Ethan Weinberg - 36:30

#71 Luis Lopez-Magana - 59:30

#27 Henry Shinas - 1:02:23

#28 Kiran Menezes - 1:04:50

Gunners B08A
Gold Division Champions

The Boys 2008A team went undefeated throughout the tournament the claim the Crossfire Challenge Gold Division Championship.

With just one tie to mar their perfect record the boys went 2-0-1 in group stage defeating Hawaii Rush 3-0, Washington Timbers Red 2-1, and tying Seattle United 2-2 before heading into the semi finals. 

They then took down Eastside Timbers Red1-0 in the semi's setting up a duel vs. Canada's Guildford Athletic Snipers in the Final. In a difficult battle they boys edged the Canadians 1-0 to bring home the trophy.

A great achievement from our Gunners Boys 2008A Premier Team, the players specifically, for managing through five very competitive games in a short space of time. The margin of error was extremely close with our boys finding a way to win 3 of our games by 1 goal. What was really impressive to see, was the boys dominate both the Semi-Final & Final with good possession, good build-up play, to go ahead 1-0 in both games. In addition, the resiliency to see out both these competitive games back to back with no goals conceded on Monday, with tired legs and minds, was extremely impressive. The entire Club and I as Team Coach, are incredibly proud of the Players & Teams. Lastly - major thanks to our Parents/Supporters for their involvement, effort and support across the entire weekend - thank you! 

-Alex Cunliffe, B08A Head Coach

Gunners G09B Blue
Silver Division Champions

The Girls 2009B Blue went 2-1 in group stage, setting the stage for a rematch against Cascade FC in the Championship game

The G09B Blue cruised through their first two group stage games defeating Eastside FC Blue 4-0 and Valor FC 3-0. The third group game they had their work cut out for them and fell short, losing to Cascade FC 3-1. Despite the loss the girls were able to proceed to the final for a rematch against Cascade.

The girls won in thrilling fashion as they beat the only team to defeat them in group stage. The Gunners took a 2-0 lead heading into half time and looked well on top but Cascade was able to find the net twice early in the second half and missed 1 of 2 penalties they were given with just five minutes remaining. The game remained tied through regulation setting up two periods of extra time. The game stayed tied up until the last 3 minutes when the Gunners finally broke through and toe poked the game winner! The crowd and players went nuts in celebration but the girls were able to regain their composure quickly to see out a great victory! 

Gunners in Action
Photos from the Crossfire Challenge