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Striking &

Finishing Camp

Camp Details

AGE: U8-U15 (2015-2008) field players, U9-U15 (2014-2008) goalkeepers

COST: $275

DATE: August 22nd-25th, 2022

TIME: 9am-Noon

LOCATION: Lake Sammamish State Park Soccer Fields

Finishing: This part of the Camp is all about Goals, Goals and more Goals!! No matter what position you play this camp has something for you. Our highly trained staff will work and concentrate on play in the final third of the field and how to break down defenses.

Topics you will see during this week:

  • Placement finishing

  • 1v1, 2v1, 2v2 to goal

  • Fast break attacks

  • Crossing and Finishing

  • Forward movement

  • Also the Art of finishing - Volleying, Bicycle & Diving Headers

  • Set plays

Striking: Striking is about the Technique of striking the ball and adding another dimension to your game. Whether it's a pass or shot we will look at all the different surfaces of the foot to drive, curl, whip and chip the ball.

Our highly qualified staff will break down each technique to work on improving your skills.

Techniques we will work on:

  • Driven passes - in the air/on the ground

  • Bending the ball like Beckham

  • Full Volleys/Half Volleys

  • Chipping

  • Passing

  • First touch


Goalkeepers: Goalkeepers will work with our Director of Goalkeeping during our Camp. Goalkeepers will be trained on basic handling, footwork, and distribution. They will also work on more advanced areas such as 1v1's, shot-stopping, and dealing with crosses. Goalkeepers will also be included in small-sided games to improve decision making in game-like scenarios.