Welcome to the referee's section of the website. The Club uses referees from two organizations: ISC In house and the East King County Soccer Referees Association (EKCSRA).

ISC Gunners Referees

Referees Are Needed for the Recreational Games

  • Referees are needed for about 30 games per weekend (mostly Saturdays)
  • Pay is $20 per ref per game.

The Entry Level Clinic consists of Online Training - 20 video lessons - which take a total of about 3 hours to complete and an 6-8 hour in-class clinic. The clinic includes a test which you must score 80% to pass. If you pay attention to the online training and at the clinic, it will be no problem passing.

The cost is $65 for a Grade 8 certification. ISC will reinburse you for the cost of this certification.

To sign up for a clinic, register with the Washington State Referee Committee's website, find a clinic and sign up.

Let one of us know if you have questions. We'll gladly help you get set up as a referee.

Referee Coordinator:

ISC Gunners FC - Chere Anglin

East King County Soccer Referees Association

EKCSRA (East King County Soccer Referees Association) provides referees to Select, Premier and U13-U18 recreational games.

More information about EKCSRA EKCSRA Referee Info

Laws of the Game

The Club's U8-U12 recreation teams participate in either an inter-club league (U8) or an inter-association league (U9-U12). Rules for these ages can be found in the Eastside Youth Soccer Association (EYSA) Handbook.

Referee In Pool (RIP)

Every Premier, Select and U13+ Recreational team needs to provide a Ref-in-Pool. We use referees from EKCSRA for these games.

The referee in the pool is a program initiated some years ago by the youth clubs. It was started during a period of time when a shortage of referees resulted in game coverage of around 80-85% in games assigned by East King County Soccer Referees Association (EKCSRA). The idea was to (1) produce more referees to do games assigned by EKCSRA and (2) reward teams whose games were assigned by EKCSRA which produced referees by giving them priority in receiving officials.

Recruiting of referees in the pool is a task done at the team or club level.

To be a referee in the pool a person must be a currently certified USSF referee of at least Grade 8 and at least 16 years old. In addition, if the person is already a member of EKCSRA, the person must have some relationship with the team (a parent or guardian or sibling of a player, a coach or manager of the team, etc.).

Finally, the referee in the pool must register as a referee with EKCSRA and register as a referee in the pool for a team that is listed as a team eligible for youth pool participation. The clubs are responsible for listing the eligible teams on EKCSRA's website. The individual referee is responsible for registering with EKCSRA.