2018-2019 Uniforms

2018 ISC Gunners Premier and Select Uniforms

Uniform Ording Will be Available by May 21st, 2018

Below are the ISC Gunner Uniforms for the 2018-19 season. Microsoft has updated their brand and decided to use the Xbox logo for our jerseys for the next two years. The Xbox brand is the recognized Microsoft brand for Soccer in the Northwest and is a natural fit for our uniforms. Plus, the target market for the Xbox brand fits better within our club than the main Microsoft logo. ISC could not be more excited for this partnership.

Once you have accepted your offer to play for the Gunners, click on the link below to read the ordering instructions and begin the process.

For questions for Soccer West, email team-service@soccerwest.com

2018 ISC Gunners Uniform Ordering Guide