2019-20 Player Fees

Player fees for the 2019-20 Season

Premier registration fees have been updated slightly from the 2018-19 season. We have standardized our offering across the 2005-2011 birth years.

  • Registration fee Include: Player insurance and US Club registration fees, PSPL Fall league registration fees, ENPL Registration Fer or PSPL Winter League, ISC Gunners administration costs, full time professional coaching, goalkeeper training, equipment for practices and games, For premier A or ENPL Teams 2001 - 2011 birth year, minimum 3 practices per week all year. For premier B and C teams 2001-2011 and all 2012 teams a minimum 2 practices per week year round. These updated fees also include funds to provide the full coaching staff medical insurance for the 2019-20 season.
  • Registration fee does not include: Players uniforms, tournaments fees (cost would include tournament registration fee, all coaches and club expenses, and personal travel expenses), supplemental programs (Coerver, camps, strength and conditioning programs, academies, privates, etc).

Birth Year Registration Fee Practices
2012 $1,550 2 per week
2005-2011 A Teams $2,450 3 per week
2005-2011 B/C Teams $2,250 2 per week
2001-2004 (High School)
Boys ENPL Teams $2,450 3 per week
Boys PSPL (B/C Teams) $2,150 2 per week
Girls A Teams $2,350 3 per week
Girls B/C Teams $2,150 2 per week
Select $850 2 per week


Teams will ask for tournament availabilty early in the season to improve planning and finalize rosters early. For team travel tournaments, rosters will be determined several months in advance so that families can look for more cost effective travel options.

U15-U19 (2001-2005) age groups will follow our ISC Gunners Travel Policies & Procedures for all fly away tournaments. In the Spring of 2020, the 2006 age group will also follow the ISC Gunners Travel Policies & Procedures to prepare them for the upcoming 2020-2021 playing year. Please click here for further details regarding our ISC Gunners Travel Policies & Procedures.


This year is a continuation of the 2 year uniform cycle.

Details Registration Fee Information

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